Averting a recipe
for disaster

Our children and their food

By 2050



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I set up Ella’s Kitchen seven years ago, with the simple aim of helping babies and young children eat healthily.

I began this journey by creating foods for the youngest children that would be healthy, convenient and fun, but crucially, so that our brand could help improve children’s relationship with food.

Food habits, both good and bad, are formed in the earliest years. The babies of today are the parents of the future and it is our responsibility to ensure the next generation doesn’t suffer because of poor decisions that we make now.

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Averting A Recipe For Disaster outlines how this could be achieved.

It includes insights collected through discussions with some of the UK’s foremost influencers in the food industry, health, charity and media.

We need your support to turn this long-term vision into a reality.

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The report calls for a ‘Food Manifesto for the Under Fives’ - a long term, cross political party plan to improve nutrition for the under fives. This will only be achieved by a coordinated approach from everybody:

The food industry, retailers, policy-makers, parents, educators, and the media.

We want to see ideas taking shape now:

We need your support.

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